Saturday, April 29, 2006

Do not go gently...

After much hoo-ing and ha-ing, several contested votes, a court case and, not least, a scary reference to civil war, Silvio has conceded defeat. Looks like it will be a bit of a "we haven't gone away you know" situation in the Italian parliament where it's avowed that the feck-acting will continue as the right fulfils its "moral duty" to bring down the government, promoting instability at this delicate juncture for their economy and society. Why is that the right gets on everyone's case about duty while it is liberalism which has to do the decent thing in times of crisis/delicacy and bite its lip as the morally and credibility bankrupt on the right go about the business of fucking things up for everyone except their cronies?
Anyone heard of the Tallaght strategy or the regular and shrill attempts at moral blackmail from the government benches that any criticism of their appalling policies will hurt the economy? In the States, the Democrats have been cowed and brought to the brink of schism on foot of blackmail about the great civilisational war with the guys with hook noses and schimitars.
Sorry, you can't criticise us until it's over. You know, because of, um, patriotism. When will that be? It's open ended. We think never. Ask Mark Humphreys.
It doesn't make any difference if you do bite your tongue, these guys have no interest in actually doing the right thing. It only makes it worse for when you have to come in and pick up the pieces at the end. Re Italy, just how moral these characters are is thrown into stark relief by their [unsuccessful] nomination for President of the Senate. Former PM and all round creepy guy, Giulio Andreotti, is the one-time "finest political mind in Europe" and a man who, literally, got away with murder. His conviction for Mafia membership was escaped only on foot of the Statute of Limitations. As much a mafioso as any of the Dons Corleoni, his nomination indicates that the dark days are far from over for Italian politics as far as the Berlusconis of this world are concerned. According to investigating magistrates back in the day, Andreotti's denials that he was bossom buddies with the Sicilian Mafia were:
incomprehensible and absurd, disproved not only by the most elementary logic, political and other, but by concrete evidence.*
Somehow, I doubt people will be too quick to invest their money in Italy while things continue to hang so much in the balance. *Midnight in Sicily (London 1996) pg 233.


Blogger Fergal Crehan said...

As an educated man, Prodi must be presumed to know a little about the ancient history of his own country. Thus, he must surely know that he must politically destroy Berlusconi. The entirety of the Berlusconi empire ought to be subjected to scrutiny, and the ciminal proceeding brought back to life. This may be the last chance to kill him off as a political force, and he certainly won't be giving up of his own accord.

It is an odd convention that the right, who ususally preach every-man-for-himself, get all communitarian when the little people start asking for a bigger slice. Suddenly it's time to be responsible in your demands, "for the good of all concerned". I have yet to observe a business make a similar sacrifice of its own volition.

4/30/2006 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger Copernicus said...

I have to agree Fergal. I don't know why I held back from saying it in the post, but it's time we saw a bit more ruthlessness on the progressive side of things.

I was listening to Dermot Ahern this morning on the radio and just listening to his contempt for legitimate points and debate and his special form of what one might call hectoring stonewalling says it all about why people shouldn't pull any punches in the forthcoming political campaign.

4/30/2006 10:48:00 AM  
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